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BUYBACK :- Since last 9 years, Dynegy power is involved in exchange, in return to your old used, working, non working, any make / brand with our brand "ULTIMATE" range of power products.

  • list-icon  On-line UPS Series
  • list-icon  Off-line UPS Series
  • list-icon  Line interactive UPS
  • list-icon  Batteries (All type)
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  • Our expertise in knowing product ensure that you get what you have paid for. All sales through Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. ensure quality, reliabilityand after sales support. To discuss your requirements contact us.

    Retrofit of the UPS:

    There is a fast change in the technology of the UPS. There is a continuous drive to improve the efficiency and power factor of the UPS. We undertake work to upgrade our UPS so that the customer can get better efficient and moreadvanced equipment.

    We also replace / buy back the old UPS where the spares are difficult to get with a new technology UPS at mutually agreed rates.

We have very good experience in designing Critical power products solutions like UPS,servo stabilizers, Isolation transformers & panels as per the need of the customer for various critical applications of all the Industries, Institutions & Apartments. And also we are capable to Execute Entire Electrical project on turnkey basis.

We are Maintaining our quality and prompt delivery to meet the customer Expectations. Our entire Electrical Products will meet IER Standards.

We also have a team of skilled people for trouble shooting and finding solution for power quality issues. We are mainly into OEM Suppliers to supply of electrical Panels and electrical Installation at site include Cable laying, Panel erection and commissioning.

During the contract period we do periodic Preventive Maintenance of the equipments and batteries to avoid any down time. The healthiness of the batteries, the nature of the load on the UPS, Transformers,stabilisers and the surrounding conditions for proper ventilation are checked during this preventive maintenance visit.

Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. Plans can be used with any manufacturer's UPSproduct line and it's the most comprehensive service coverage in the industry. Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Service plans prevent potential down times, and take steps ahead of time to prevent any catastrophic failures.

Tiered of finding expert service team for your power backup equipments, look no further. Dynegy workshop, qualified and experienced engineers ensure guaranteed repairing and servicing of your power product. Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. also has 15 Service engineers working in & around Chennai and tamilnadu catering to various service needs of our customers. We have proven track of serving to customers having other make/brand UPS systems & other power products since last 9 years. We are proud to have a list of over 25,000 customers who are already enjoying our service benefit. If you are an inducer looking for a team like this then try us out you will stick with us.

Our services are offered for the following powerproducts:

  • list-icon  On-line UPS Series
  • list-icon  Of-line mixed load UPS
  • list-icon  Line interactive UPS
  • list-icon  Inbuilt Battery UPS
  • list-icon  Inverters
  • list-icon  sine wave inverter
  • list-icon  digital inverter
  • list-icon  Solar Inverter
  • list-icon  Telecom Inverter
  • list-icon  Batteries
  • list-icon  LT Panels
  • list-icon  Servo stabilizers
  • list-icon  Automatic Voltage Stabilizers
  • list-icon  Constant Voltage Transformers
  • list-icon  Isolation Transformers

Are you looking to rent three phase UPS systems or even single phase UPS systems? We have a fleet of UPS systems available for most applications. We rent for long term or short term. Rent a UPS system while waiting for your new system delivery and installation. Renting is ideal for a temporary location. Leasing can be like having a permanent warranty.