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    We are leading supplier of Batteries like Sealed Maintenance Free Battery (SMF), Lead acid Battery, Tubular Battery, Automotive Battery and Industrial Battery from Leading brands EXIDE, SF SONIC, AMARON, ROCKET (GLOBAL YUASA), PANASONIC. We are leading vendor for Buy back UPS and batteries, we will take any Ups and battery in any condition and we will offer better price for your used power products.

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    UPS Systems

    Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides first-rate support and service for UPS products that we sell. We are one of the largest distributors of power quality products from Eaton, a leading innovator of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Eaton’s UPS products are distinguished by their advanced engineering and superior quality. Eaton has been a leading innovator for UPS products for decades and they are used across many industries.

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    Servo Stabilizer

    Welcome to the world of Dynegy Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. range of Voltage Stabilizers.Dynegy Stabilizers, a brand well known in Eastern and North Eastern India since 2006, has been a pioneer in SinglePhase and Three phase Voltage Stabilizers. Dynegy Stabilizer is well known for the COPPER Transformers that have a defect rate of less than 0.01%.

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    An Isolation Transformer is a device which is use to decouple two circuit, the load to the Isolation Transformer and to the Input supply, Isolation Transformer suppress electrical noise which occurs in transmission line. An Isolation Transformer blocks transmission of DC signal from one circuit to other and allow ac signal to transmit. It also prevent interference cost by ground looping.


LT Panels

Dynegy power system is one of leading power control panel manufacturers and electrical control center suppliers, based in Chennai, India. The manufacturing of our power control center is based upon several technical specifications. Its performance and longevity is simply unmatched. Lastly, we offer our power control center at most competitive prices.

We are engaged in manufacturing of power control centers from the best raw materials. These can be availed by our customers having the following general features:

    • list-icon  Panels will be suitable for 415 AC supply.
    • list-icon  They will be installed indoors an outdoors and will work efficiently up to an ambient temperature of 45°C.
    • list-icon  All doors will be suitably labeled and marked for convenience of operation & maintenance.


    • list-icon  Free standing
    • list-icon  Floor mounting type using 2.0/1.6 mm CRCA sheet.

The complete structure shall be rigid, self supporting & free from twists and bends. The panels will be totally dust and vermin proof. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as many be desired.


The entire panel will undergo pretreatment covering decreasing, water rinsing & de-rusting/ phosphating. It will be synthetic enamel painted or powder coated as per requirements.

Bus Bars & Internal Wiring

Uniform cross section Aluminum / Copper Bus supported by SMC /DMC bases will be employed through out the length of the panel. Internal wiring be carried out with 1100/650 volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper thimbles Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board.

Switch gears/ Components

Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel.


Ours Panels conform to the standards such as, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375

Switch gears/ Components

Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel.

Our company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of Motor Control Centers or MCC that have the capacity to feed larger loads. These can also be availed with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our specialization lies in manufacturing these MCC's as per the specifications provided by the customers at industry leading prices. These MCC units comprise: Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters.

  • list-icon  AC variable frequency drives
  • list-icon  Solid-state motor controllers
  • list-icon  Lighting panels
  • list-icon  Transformers
  • list-icon  Analog or digital metering
  • list-icon  Feeder circuit breakers
  • list-icon  Feeder fusible disconnects

Technical Specifications

  • list-icon  Operational Current: 32A to 1600A
  • list-icon  Ambient Temperature: 40.50 degree Celsius in single and double front
  • list-icon  Withstand Capacity: Up to 50 KA
  • list-icon  Degree of Protection: As per IS Standards
  • list-icon  Types of Starters Include: Automatic Star Delta, Direct On-line, Soft Starters, Varied Frequency Drives, Stator Rotor Starters etc.

Dynegy power systems engaged in designing and manufacturing of AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panels that are applicable for managing DG sets. Our panels come with in-built safety features for protecting the Engine & alternator. The range of our AMF panels are manufactured upto 1010 KVA and are fabricated from 16 SWG thickness, high grade CRCA sheet steel. The use of quality material has made our panels dust &vermin proof. Powder coated for longer life and meticulously wired.



  • list-icon  A power circuit consisting of contactor, MCB and fuses. Automatic start/stop of the genset in case of AC mains failure and its restoration    respectively. Manual start/stop facility also provided.


  • list-icon  Mains Failure: 3-attempt engine cranking after mains failure otherwise the engine fails to start. Engine starts-up within 10 sec of mains failure otherwise 2 more start pulses after every 10-15 seconds.
  • list-icon  Unhealthy Mains: Any of the phase failure or voltage drops below set value.
  • list-icon  Mains Restoration: Engine keeps running for 30 seconds before stopping, as recommended by the Engine manufacturer.


  • list-icon  One Ammeter with CTs & selector switch, one frequency meter, one voltmeter with selector switch and one hour meter.

Set of indications

  • list-icon  Load on DG
  • list-icon  Load on mains
  • list-icon  Fault indications
  • list-icon  LLOP
  • list-icon  High water temp/high cylinder head temp
  • list-icon  Overload

Set of Push Buttons

  • list-icon  Engine start/stop
  • list-icon  Alarm acknowledge button for hooter
  • list-icon  Reset button for fault indication


  • list-icon  High water temperature
  • list-icon  LLOP
  • list-icon  Overload trip

Battery Charger:A separate battery charger for continuous charging of batteries in trickle/boost mode to ensure prompt starting of the engine.

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel


  • list-icon  All type of industries.
  • list-icon  IT Parks
  • list-icon  Commercial establishments

Models & Amps/ Kva Rates: Upto 800 Kvar Features

  • list-icon  Auto/Manual selector is available
  • list-icon  Stage on indications are available
  • list-icon  Stage to stage capacitor boosting & reconnection intervals;
  • list-icon  Panel mountable, serviceable
  • list-icon  Working temperature up to 45 degree celcius
  • list-icon  Cable entry: Bottom (top optional)
  • list-icon  Incoming control and total protection of panel with 3pole/ MCCB
  • list-icon  Power & control wiring: by copper multi strand ISI wire
  • list-icon  Capacitor bank rating:440v/according to your load required KVAR
  • list-icon  For standard safety on Capacitor efficiency losses, Hunting etc., IEC (International Electric Code) Standards
  • list-icon  Higher, Healthy PF maintaining (between 0.94-0.99) brings
  • list-icon  Good quality & Healthy run of your induction load(Motors , Air conditioners, compressors, chokes, etc
  • list-icon  It adds life to your, A/C, Tube lights, Compressors, Motor & other loads
  • list-icon  Off course, great escapes from the penalty from the electricity Board
  • list-icon  Chance of getting good incentive from the electricity Board

The APFC Panels helps in saving the power and is efficient enough to be used in windmills, micro processors and in LT & HT factories.

They are also used for analyzing line voltage and for monitoring current harmonic. It is equipped with independent fuses and has a rust proof steel material.